Reasons for creation of a private shelter

The municipal shelters existing in Montenegro (which are only three in the whole country) are often similar to small prisons for animals where they are put to sleep, or “mercy killed”, after 30 days if a new owner has not been found. And nobody actively looks for new owners. These final 30 days of their life they often are not fed at all, sleep on concrete, are entirely covered with pincers, and during winter season of rains when shelters get flooded the unfortunate four-footed darlings are compelled to huddle on the remained small dry areas without so much as a roof over their heads. Puppies here simply don’t survive because of the high level of 10346529_559756420813242_5520186598143526898_ninfections and viruses. It is noteworthy that all dogs in shelters are, as a rule, friendly and people-oriented, they long for caress and attention from everyone coming in. Aggressive dogs that don’t trust humans seldom end up in shelters because they practically never get caught. It’s mostly the trustful and kind animals that aren’t expecting anything evil from people get into a shelter, and it is so hard for them to survive in such conditions of full isolation and loneliness.

The story of a private shelter

To help all these unfortunate animals Zhanna Kaganovskaya, the volunteer from Moscow, and her few assistants plans to open a private shelter in the city of Bar and to call it “Faithful heart”. Zhanna has spent nearly two years delivering food for homeless animals around the city and 2014-06-25 16.45.35leaving it near city garbage cans, finding new owners for puppies and kittens, providing medical treatment for street dogs and cats including hopelessly sick. But as always there is a pressing question – where to keep all foundlings before they find their new owners?

At the moment Zhanna Kaganovskaya rents the land plot which, with a lot of effort, was allowed for use for purposes for keeping homeless animals. We managed to put a fence in which, however, uneasy pets make holes every night and run out. The shabby shed doesn’t protect animals from rains. Every time after heavy rains both the shed and the site, being in the lowland, get flooded. Little puppies and kittens practically float in water, which reminds rather of sewerage plums and is a serious threat to health of unfortunate pets. It is impossible to look at it without tears.

That is why we need your help so much.

We want to create the first in Montenegro real private animal shelter.
Why private shelter?
Because it will become the only chance for survival and new happy life for many homeless animals in Montenegro.
The private “no-kill” shelter will save lives of several hundred homeless animals and help them find new loving owners. The private “no-kill” shelter will provide animals with decent living conditions, comfort and medical treatment, including the necessary vaccination and sterilization.

Goals of our private shelter:

– reduction of number of homeless animals on streets of the cities of Montenegro;

– developing humane and responsible attitude of local population, especially youth, towards pets;

– decrease in risk of distribution of diseases, dangerous to humans, carriers of which can be homeless animals

Tasks of our private shelter:

– catching and sterilization of homeless animalskeeping them for the purpose of finding a new home and owners;

– consultation of new owners keeping and training adopted animals during all their life;

– medical treatment of homeless animals for the purpose of preventing distribution of diseases, dangerous to humans;

– search of former owners of the lost animals;

– carrying out PR actions for the purpose of finding new home for homeless animals;

– carrying out educational actions to raise awareness among local population, primarily youth;

– increase involvement of the state in the problem of homeless animals in Montenegro (including by lobbying of laws for obligatory chip implantation for pets and creating a universal database, introduction of taxes for unsterilized animals);

– drawing attention of the public (including joint efforts with non-governmental public organizations and volunteers) to the problem of homeless animals in Montenegro by means of public service advertising, etc.

The planned financing sources

We hope to draw attention to the problem of homeless animals and financing for solution of this problem not only from local organizations and people, but also other foreign partners and charity organizations and funds. Certainly, the work of a private shelter will depend generally on private donations. However we also plan to open a small pet-hotel for dogs in which owners can leave the pets when they go on trips and vacations. The profit of this pet-hotel will be spent on needs of the shelter for homeless animals.

The private “no-kill” shelter is a new step to change attitude of the public towards homeless animals!

We believe that our project can improve the people’s attitude towards homeless animals, right all the wrongs and make the world kinder for us and our children!

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