Why do we help homeless animals in Montenegro?

We help homeless animals because nobody can help them except us. The difficult financial situation in the country, the lack of upbringing of a responsible attitude and love for animals at the family level and at the level of educational institutions and disinterest to the matter at the state level make the majority of people indifferent to the problem. The number of Montenegrin volunteers engaged in rescue of homeless animals is negligible and not enough to solve the problem. But our poor four-legged friends can not take care of themselves and even ask for our help, they can only silently hope and wait for a person turning to them.

Should I take my pet from a shelter in Montenegro?

Certainly, yes! Believe me, you can not find more faithful friend. Many people, who do not like homeless animals, try to assure others that a animal from a shelter may have a bad nature and health problems. How nice is to take a purebred puppy or kitten from a breeder! However these people say nothing about the fact that a potential owner may have the same problems with a pedigreed puppy or kitten. Every dog or cat has its own character regardless of its origin, and some health problems are genetic for some breeds and can be inherited. Especially it concerns small breeds of dog and collies (Shetland sheepdogs, or shelties). It is known that homeless animals’ immunity and resistance to diseases and infections are much better, because due to the process of natural selection only the strongest and healthiest animals survive on the street. Moreover, all the animals in our shelter are vaccinated and treated against parasites. We also do tests on all dangerous and widespread diseases here.

How can I take a pet from a shelter?

It is very simple. You can choose a pet you like on the website or come to our shelter and see the animals looking for home here. We will describe the nature and character of every pet and help you to make the right choice.

Can I bring an animal across the border with myself?

Yes, in most cases you can. Almost all animals are vaccinated. We will help you to obtain a passport and all the necessary documents for crossing the border.

A dog of what sex is it better to choose?

Certainly, it depends on your own preferences. Nevertheless, each sex is usually characterized by special behaviour and needs special care. For example, a male dog tends to be more independent in its choice and behaviour, it may be aggressive to other dogs and try to dominate. You may need to be more patient and rigour in training a male dog than a female one, you should prove it that you are a leader, not it. On the contrary, female dogs are usually quite affectionate, calm and tender and eagerly obey the commands. A lot of people do not take female dogs because they do not want to have puppies in a potential future. However, please note that all shelter animals will be given to you only on condition of their sterilization to avoid an unwanted offspring. In addition, sterilization is the key to an animal’s health in future, if you are not going to breed it. It is proven scientifically that an unsterilized dog suffers from the dangerous diseases such as pyometra, canine transmissible venereal tumour (sarcoma), mammary glands tumour and other oncological diseases more often than a sterilized one. Moreover, an unsterilized animal not used for breeding often has hormonal problems leading to the behavioural disturbances and changes (aggression, running away, etc.). Therefore, in this case a sex is not crucial.

Can I become a good dog owner?

Certainly it depends only on you. Usually a future dog owner worries if there would be enough space for a pet in his / her house or flat, if it would be time to walk with a dog and take care of it, etc. Nevertheless, if your desire to have a four-legged friend is really strong and overwhelming, all your doubts actually do not matter. If you almost have no free time, you should take a calm adult dog. Usually adult dogs are active only on the street, at home they do not move a lot. Two walks a day (in the morning and in the evening) are quite enough for an adult dog. They will be good for your health too. Everyday walks in all weathers will be the key to your good health and longevity. And if you have been going to keep fit by jogging mornings or evenings, but had no inspiring and encouraging company, your four-legged friend will not let you be lazy. Many people also take their pets to the countryside and to spend vacations with themselves, it will give you a great company and a lot of positive emotions.

And keep in mind that the lives of these faithful hearts are so short that while you are thinking about taking a dog from a shelter and considering if you can be a good dog owner or not, somebody from these loving and really good friends may pass away… Just take a cat or a dog from a shelter and give it a happy life and the possibility to die calmly at home and near beloved people some day when the time comes. We hope this time will not come soon…


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