ways of helpWe owe our existence to support of a large number of caring people who help us by all means possible. If you believe we are doing the right thing — help us! Bring your contribution to development of our project by any means you like or donate an amount convenient for you. We will be infinitely grateful!

Financial aid

The “Faithful heart” animal shelter exists only by virtue of charitable help of kind people. Certainly, we very much need your financial support. At the moment we need money to build a shelter, we constantly need money to buy animal food, parasite remedies, medicine, sterilization remedies, we always need supplies (disinfectants and cleaners, diapers for cubs, insulation materials).

We started the process of registration of non-profit organization (fund) in Montenegro, but unfortunately, it will take a lot of time and efforts, therefore currently all donations can only be transferred into the account of the founder of the project, Zhanna Kaganovskaya:


All information on acquisition and spending of funds is in public access in the “Reports” section of the website.

You can also buy animal food for us in “101 Dalmatians” pet-shop in Bar, just ask the shop clerk to mark it “For Zhanna Kaganovskaya”. Be sure to tell Zhanna that you left animal food for her in the shop.

Financial support

You can help us with various kinds of financial support. We need animal food — both dry and canned, medications for animals —ticks and fleas remedies, vaccines, demodekosis and sarcoptic mange medicine, vitamin supplements, antivermiculars, disinfecting bandage and disinfectants, wound healing ointments, ear-drops and eye drops.

Help in adoption and advertising

Of course our main goal is to find new loving owners for our animals. We search for their caring hands in the most different corners of the world – in Serbia, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, France. If you or your acquaintances want to rescue a four-footed friend – come to us! We will do our best to prepare the necessary documents for transportation over the border to help our poor darlings have a new loving home!

And finally, you can simply share the information about our website with your friends and acquaintances!

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