How to donate

Choose any way that’s comfortable for you:

2. Here are Montnegrin bank accounts for local transfers
Prva Banka CG: 535-18510-33
CKB Banka: 510000000010267393
NVO za zastitu zivotinja «Spasi-me»
Please always state the aim of the transfer, which is “donacija” (donation), and who is it from (your name and surname)

1. Via PayPal

2. Via Sberbank Online system Сбербанк ОнЛ@йн:
The card number is: 4276 3800 1815 8837
The beneficiary is: KAGANOVSKAYA ZHANNA

3. Tinkoff Ruble card: 4377-7237-4055-7818
Tinkoff Euro card: 5213-2438-5020-6788

4. Montenegrin Bank account for transfer from outside od Montenegro


The shelter currently needs funds to equip its veterinary clinic.
Also the shelter always needs funds to buy food, anti parasite treatments, medicines, to nueter its animals and to provide everyday and building supplies.

There are many other ways you can help our shelter

Food, both kibbles and canned food

Our animals have been eating the same kind of food for many years. That’s why if they eat some other kind of food they have health issues. That’s why we raise funds to buy our usual food, or you can transfer funds for that food directly to the account of the shop that sells it. You can also buy food yourself but only the food called Versace Laga (for the main part of the shelter) and Brit (for those on veterinary diets).

All types of bedding

We accept bed sheets, bed covers, duvets, cushions, pillows and so on.
There are often tiny puppies in the shelter. On especially cold and rainy days they are looking for the warmth of their lost moms. That’s why their houses need some extra warming up.
All these beddings are also needed for kennels during rainy weather, and for animals who are kept in the quarantine parts of the shelter.
Our animals who have disabilities also need that extra bedding, as well as special hygienic bedding that absorbs liquids.
The shelter always needs cat toilet sand. Wood stove pellets can also be used for that purpose.

Building materials

There are always repairs and contraction works in the shelter. Thus the shelter accepts donations of cement, wire mesh and posts for the construction and repair of fences and enclosures, boards for the construction of kennels, foam blocks, insulation, paint, garden hoses, construction gloves, nails, screws, etc.
You can donate any construction tools you do not need, such as hammers, screwdrivers, drills, shovels, hoes, lawn mowers, rakes, etc.


You can donate anti-parasite meds, vaccines, immunostimulants, meds against demodicosis and sarcoptosis, vitamin supplements, as well as bandages, disinfecting solutions, wound-healing ointments and drops for eyes and ears. In many cases animals can be treated with “human” antibiotics, drops, cough tablets, homeopathic remedies. If you have any medicines you no longer need – we’ll gladly take them.
We also always need medical gloves, sizes M and L.

Household utensils

You can donate washbowls, large pots, food bowls, cleaning and disinfecting solutions, for example washing powder, floor cleaners, chlorine-containing products, etc. The shelter also needs brushes, brooms, buckets, rubber gloves, 120 litters garbage bags and wet wipes.
You can also donate toys for our puppies and kittens.

You can also help us by getting the word out about our animals and by finding them homes.

Of course our main goal is to find loving homes for the animals.
We are looking for homes all over the world, in Montenegro, in Serbia, In Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Norway and so on.
So the main help that we need is in spreading the information about our animals and in finding them homes. You can distribute leaflets, place ads in newspapers and on the Internet, look for new families among your friends, check up on the animals you found homes for and help new owners with information and advice.

Help us with your talents

We need your creative ideas and talents. Can you take photos or make movies? Do you know how to develop beautiful sites or design banners and flyers? Can you come up with slogans and write articles? Do you know how to promote ideas? We really need you! We are always looking for the help of photographers, cameramen, designers, site developers, journalists and other talented people. We are always open to new ideas and projects. If you come up with an idea and you think that it might help our animals to find homes, funds or draw attention to their situations  – do not hesitate and write to us!

Help with transport

Our animals often find new homes in other countries. That’s why we often look for help in transporting our animals to their new families, in Russia, Germany, Croatia. If you are going that way and can take our animals along with you, please let us know. We will provide all the documents and the pet carrier for the trip, you’ll just need to accompany them.

Help the homeless animals that you meet

If you currently live or stay in Montenegro, you can help the homeless animals that you meet by providing them with food, vet care and a shelter.

Finally you can tell about our site to your friends and family. Any help matters.
Thank you!